“Kathleen is a wonderful leader! She goes through a journey with you to rediscover your Authentic Self, while understanding the difficulty of living in a busy world. I have learned so much from her videos!” -KB

Authentic Rising Society

This is a free and open Facebook Community. Anyone can join in and participate. The mission of Authentic Rising Society is to create community around a common goal; discovery of what’s keeping us from realizing our authentic self, and how to honor and cultivate true self.
Location: Facebook: Authentic Rising Society
How to Join: You can ask to be a member and I’ll gladly get ya in!

Authentic Rising: Focus & Mentoring Groups

Upcoming Group: April 2019

I will be offering 3month focus and mentoring groups focusing on the mission of Authentic Rising. These private, small groups will be nurturing and supportive of our personal journeys to realizing our authentic self, removing the barriers to living from our pure potential, and creating a life of peace and joy that we have been yearning for. These groups are for those who are hearing the call and feeling the pull to realize and live from their true self.

This group takes place in a Private Facebook Group and includes video lessons, guided meditations/practices, ongoing dialogue and support, and more!

Registration: go for HERE or copy/paste this url: https://goo.gl/forms/UK86lOkpeszI4eWr1
Cost: $129 early, $142 regular