You deserve a MIRACULOUS life.

Of this I am certain. How you get there is another question.

And I know we all find what we need at the exact time that we need it….even if it doesn’t feel like it’s on our time. 

I trust that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. I can attest to this!

You’re healing is of utmost importance. I care about this greatly. 

I welcome you to explore a bit, take a peak at what piques your interest, and take in what you can. When you’re ready to invest time and energy into your healing, I trust that your soul will let you know it’s time and where to start.

If you’re wanting to dive in and like a bit of structure, try out the FREE Mindfulness Challenge

The FREE Mindfulness Challenge comes straight to your inbox. Every three days you’ll receive a video lesson and a meditation. The challenge is to stick with it. I say “challenge” because sticking with the structure requires a little bit of planning and timing. This is your practice, so what you put into it is up to you.  I know that each of these topics has the potential for profound shifts, growth, and transformation…and the more often you practice, the more powerful the results. Even if one topic of the challenge seems exciting to you, please give it a go!

The 6 Video Lesson and Meditation Topics:

1. Mindfulness and Awareness Using Nonjudgmental Observation
2. Mindfulness and Inner Wisdom
3. Mindfulness to Connect with the Authentic Self
4. Mindfulness for Healing Wounds Using Compassion
5. Mindfulness to Identify Fears that Block Us
6. Mindfulness to Bring More Love, Miracles and Abundance

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Please, hang out with me! No strings attached. Just enjoy!

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