Q&A Videos by Kathleen Michelle on Mindfulness, Healing Your Soul, and Miracles and Abundance

Q&A When it comes to making change, Are you skipping this important step?
I really messed up! How can I stop beating myself up?

Mindfulness and Sleep

How Mindfulness can help you fall asleep and have better physical and mental health.

How Do I Help Others Get Started?

Have curious people in your life who have seen you transform through your Mindfulness practice? Or are you tasked in a professional capacity to help others start their own journey? In this Q&A I tell you what I share with others just starting out and why it’s important to begin with, actually, very little change!

Food and Mindfulness – How to start a healthy lifestyle

In this Q&A I respond to a great question about how exactly our Mindfulness practice can impact our food choices. The answer isn’t about any diet, or even Mindful eating skills. This won’t just impact your food choices, it will lead to a healthy life!